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In response to sweating, and invocations of FSM.

Wow, so it's been nearly a month since I've logged into this here LJ thing. Facebook seems to be taking precedence these days. I absolutely hated it the first time that I tried it, but have grown to like it more. Especially since I can easily post photos or tweets from my phone, and have them appear automagically on my Facebook profile. That, and I really haven't had as much time lately to sit down and construct a long post. But this isn't why I came here to post.

Facebook, for all of its wonderful (or not so wonderful) attributes isn't the place where I can say everything that is on my mind. A good chunk of my friends there are co-workers, and a lot of what I say here? Well, let's just say it's much too personal to allow the vast majority of them to read it. Especially those who are unaware of the more recent events in my love life.

Speaking of, Martha (a.k.a The Cougar), is less of a friend with benefits these days. I'll keep it pithy, as the state of our relationship should become apparent in a few short sentences. She's stayed at my home every night for the past 6 days, though tonight she'll be sleeping in her own bed. She met my brother and his boyfriend, and both seem to love her. She met some of my friends last weekend, again, thumbs up and approvals all around. Last night, I entrusted the spare key for my apartment to her.

I'm still rather apprehensive to introduce her to my parents. I'm not really sure what they'll think about me dating a woman who is 12 years my senior, and who has two kids that are both in college. However, the more time that I spend with her the less I find myself caring.
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